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Well how about that? You lose a little weight, you get a new girlfriend, you start living your life with a little glow, and all of a sudden, your ex wants you back. It’s a story as old as time and it’s happened to all of us, even Rob Kardashian who has Blac Chyna up on his jock all of a sudden.


So after losing some weight, and finding a new, tattoo’d stripper girlfriend, Rob K. is hot property again. Well, hot property to Chyna who’s shooting her shot again. Can she bag the same Kardashian twice?


According to a new report, Chyna is reportedly trying to get back with Rob, and she’s not being very subtle about it. This past Saturday, Rob celebrated his 31st birthday, at his mom’s house. Apparently, it was something as a “Hey, look how much weight I lost” party with a St. Patrick’s day theme.

Then, guess who has to make Skinny Rob’s birthday about her? Yep, Chyna. She posted a musty, old photo (above) of her, Rob, and their baby Dream. It looks like it was from his birthday last year. Now it doesn’t take a genius to see what she’s doing here. Chyna probably has a decent nest egg, and she’ll be able to make money from appearence here and there, but let’s be honest, Chyna’s irrelevant these days. Her competition has soared past her.


The only thing Chyna is known for is being the first person to ever grift the Kardashians. Chyna grabbed the back as a, (in my opinion), FU to the family after Tyga dumped her for Kylie Jenner. It gets messier, but let’s stay with Rob for a bit more.

So with nothing going on in Chyna’s professional life, it only makes sense for her to see is she can’t get Rob back — at least enough to get her back in the headlines. And guess what, it worked — I’m writing about her, and you’re reading it. She’s a genius if you think about it…

But it seems like Rob might have that one thing that always helps one get over the ex… The Rebound Chick. Apparently, Rob is dating an inked up stripper with Easter egg-colored hair. He definitely has a type.

Her name is Star Divine. She used to date Chyna’s ex Safaree, and she once beat him so bad after he cheated on her, he was admitted into the hospital. So it sounds like will only end in more embarrassment and shame.

As for Chyna, well… she’s obsessed with the Kardashian family. She sees them kind of like a huge whale she’s trying to get some shine in their wake. Keep an eye on her social media — there’s be more of this thirst throughout the week.

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