Congrats to 39 year old Tyrese and his wife Samantha. Samantha tells People.com, __ . "We were able to conceive at the right time, I believe. There was a lot that happened last year — everyone is aware of that — and so to have the opportunity to really start a new chapter in the way that has happened, I just look to God and I’m like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe that you would plan it this way and you do it so perfectly.'" __ . Congrats to her for securing that bag!! If you are not a celebrity and marry a celebrity, you better have that baby. I'm wishing them all the best, but I also have to keep it real. __ . Now if he cheats or goes crazy…..Pre-nup or no Pre-nup he's still cuttin that child support check. GOT-EEM!! __ . click #tvsmackdaily for today's stories Celebrating that Celebrity Lifestyle __________________________ www.TVsmackTalk.com __________________________ (Ignore)#tvsmacktalk #celebritynews #entertainmentnews #celebrity #celebrityphotos #celebs #celebritygossip #candidphotos #tvsmackdaily #famous #famousphoto #gossipblog #trendingnews #tyrese #celebritybaby #babyboy #babygirl #tyresegibson #shaylarocks #shayla #securethebag

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Late last year, he got married last Valentine’s Day, went crazy when he thought his fans didn’t accept his “light-skinned” bride, insulted women of color when he ridiculed women with “fake” body parts, compared today’s rappers with monkeys, allegedly beat his little daughter… wait there’s more…

Then he threatened to beat the crap out of The Rock for putting the pause on a Fast and the Furious installment, had the most epic meltdown the internet’s ever seen (he cried and everything), asked Will Smith and Mark Zuckerberg for a loan because he was broke, and bought a $4 million mansion he had no business buying. Phew…

Now, he just announced that he and his wife Samantha Lee Gibson are pregnant with a girl… good news of a man finally getting his sh*t together or a bad idea all around?

We’re going to hope and pray it’s the former. The happy couple made the announcement to People yesterday:

“Both of our love and energy and magic and families are bonded forever because we’re going to have this child,” Gibson, 39, said in a joint interview with Samantha. “It’s unbelievable.”

Samantha, a 29-year-old social worker, found out she was pregnant with their first baby daughter late in January, not long after they began trying to conceive so by that timeline she’s just about to enter her second trimester.

She said that moments after her the first pregnancy test she took came out positive, she was thinking of planning an elaborate way of telling Tyrese.

But before she could even put anything together for the surprise, Tyrese walked through the front door of their home, and she couldn’t wait from all the excitement, and they celebrated together on the spot.

It was me screaming and just being overly excited and just fired up about the news,” he said. “Both of our love and energy and magic and families are bonded forever because we’re going to have this child. It’s unbelievable.”

Tyrese also addressed his messy 2017 in the interview: “Unfortunately as entertainers and public figures, you have to go through very private matters publicly sometimes … I’m just happy to be on the other side of it.”

Samantha is due to give birth in September and this will be her first baby, while this will be Tyrese’s second child. He also has a 10-month-old daughter Shayla with his ex-wife Norma. It sounds like Ty is back — let’s hope 2018 is he best year yet.

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