A Nicki Minaj public sighting is pretty rare these days. The last time we saw her out in the wild was on March 4 at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Oscar post-party.

Before that, wooo… I believe she’d been in hiding since December 2017. No appearances, no covert sighting, not even a peep on any of her social media accounts.

Why has she been in hiding? According to several reports, she was in rehab for cocaine and Percocet. It was also reported that she was using the time in rehab to recover from some major plastic surgery.

The other rumor, which turns out to be true, is that she’s pregnant with Nas’ baby and judging from these new photos that were taken of her yesterday in black and white polka dots at LAX, it looks for certain like she’s is.

Reports from all over have been asking the question since the first week of January 2018 as to whether or not Minaj was pregnant. Reports varied, but the one common thread in everyone’s account was that Nas was the daddy, even though they broke up in mid-December.

And now with a confirmed report from MTO, and it’s official — Nicki is pregnant — visibly pregnant and it’s Nas’s child. And the timelines match up — the rumor of her to kick her drug dependency and voluntarily enter rehab would make sense now.

So is Nicki pulling a Kylie Jenner and staying out of the spotlight while she’s pregnant too? If you remember, Jenner didn’t make any big public appearances while she was showing her pregnancy either.

It might also explain why she hasn’t dropped her rumored follow-up album to her last album. A new album means a new tour, and a new tour means a lot of singing, dancing, and traveling — strenuous work an expectant mother is supposed to avoid.

And Nicki is aware of that. She even told her Twitter followers — “Y’all want the album or the baby? Cuz ch- y’all ain’t bout to get both” She went back and forth with her Twitter followers as the majority of them wanted the album and a tour before the baby. Nicki seemed pretty pissed at how the conversation was going, and went into exile a few weeks later.

But after her rare appearence at LAX yesterday and her visible bump, it looks like we’re either getting the baby first, or she’s going to pull a Beyonce and grind out the album, and a full-blown tour.

Again, until Nicki comes out and says, “Yes, I’m pregnant” they are all just rumors, but there are a lot of facts that line up that seem to undeniably line up to say that not only is Nicki Minaj pregnant, but she has a album that can drop at a moment’s notice.

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