Who reading this has a mother-in-law?

Now who of us who have a mother-in-law would want to work with them? Seven days a week? And be managed by them and told what to do?

Not me, and probably not you either. As nice as your mother-in-law may be, it’s just bad business to swirl your family with your coins.

But that’s exactly what Kanye and Travis Scott have done, and this can only affect the two rapper’s careers, and more importantly, their art in a seriously drastic way.

As far as we’re concerned, Travis Scott (married to his now-manager’s daughter Kylie) has yet to prove himself. Sure he has a couple has a couple of decent albums, but he’s really only a household name because of who’s p***y he’s pounded.

Kanye on the other hand has a lot to lose. He’s an artist known for bringing new things to the table. We wouldn’t say he revitalized hip-hop when he came on the scene, but by 2004 when he dropped The College Dropout, he breathed a breath of fresh air into a hip-hop scene that was bloated with the likes of Usher and and Paul Wall.

And now these two are going to be taking marching orders from Kris Jenner? WTF? Page Six got an exclusive quote from someone close to both camps, and they say Jenner is the person who talked both rappers into dumping their managers, Kayne leaving longtime manager Izvor “Izzy” Zivkovic, as well as Scott leaving his own management team.

“They’ve been off and on for years,” the source close to West and Zivkovic said. “But Kris is in [West’s] ears. Kanye’s been making changes and [he and Zivkovic] have grown apart — but Kris definitely gives her opinion and Kanye’s all ears. She’s about brand building and is gangster at it,” the insider said.

Ugh. Gangster? That’s exactly what someone like fragile Kanye needs — is Botoxed bulldozer pushing her Bravo cache weight around in an industry that laughs at people like her.

Scott won’t come out of this unscathed either. As mentioned above, he’s coming off two strong albums, but he has yet to release another since he impregnated Kylie Jenner. Now and another, more domineering Jenner to the mix? This will only stifle his creativity.

And what does Kris Jenner get out of this? Like a vampire who suck the virgin blood from their unsuspecting victims, this will give her plateaued empire new life. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is tired and old hat. You can only get your daughters to whore it up on Instagram so much before no one bats an eye anymore.

And what do fans of West and Scott get? Well, they might might some hilarious headlines and a humorous tales about the train wreck that’s become of their careers, but then what? Career suicide is only funny for so long before the people who once loved these artist’s work start asking questions like, “When are you two gonna start standing up for yourselves?”

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