Last week, Fabolous and his girlfriend, former Love and Hip Hop cast member Emily B. got in a bit of a domestic dispute. Fab allegedly struck Emily, and she contacted the Englewood Police Department in New Jersey.

That same day, Fabolous turned himself in down at the police station accompanied with his lawyer, and the rapper was charged with a two criminal charges: third-degree aggravated assault, and third-degree terroristic threats.

That day, Fab didn’t spent any time behind bars. Instead, he was formally cited for the alleged beating, then given a summons for a court appearance. Now video of the argument that spurned the domestic dispute leaked and Fabolous is in some deep s#!t.

The video, filmed by someone inside the home of Fabolous and Emily shows Fab, Emily, and Emily’s father yelling at each other while two big guys (one is Emily’s brother, the other is Fab’s bodyguard) try and keep everyone away from each other.

Now here’s where you have to connect some of the dots in this incident. Apparently, Emily called a family member to the house so they could find and remove the two guns that Fabolous kept in the house.

She was obviously afraid that with all the violence directed at her, Fab might just take it one step further and shoot her, and possible their two kids (you can hear one of their children screaming off camera in the video).

Is Fab beyond shooting Emily? Well, on March 7, he punched her 7 times in the face, knocking out two of her teeth out in a previous argument, so you do the math. The guy’s a piece of dog s**t.

In the video, you can clearly hear Fab screaming and threatening Emily’s dad, at one point saying “I got a bullet for you.” There’s the terrorist threat he was charged with. He also aggressively lunged at Emily twice, sending her running back in fear.

You can also see Fab holding onto something sharp and metallic. You really can’t tell what it us, but he brandishes it like a weapon. It might be a knife, it may be a screwdriver — whatever it is, I’m sure the court will have a field day using it against him.

Fabolous or Emily haven’t made a statement about the video, but Fab’s scumbag attorney Alberto Ebanks commented on the video to TMZ in the way only a scumbag attorney can:

“This is only an argument. There certainly is no crime being committed. If what you see in the video were a crime, we’d have to build more jails.”

Isn’t it great we have unscrupulous lawyers defending women beaters like Fabolous, keeping them out of jail? Fab is expected in court for this domestic disturbance very soon — expect this video to be the key piece of evidence that puts him in prison for a while.

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