Beyonce has been working on her music career since she was a small child, so the living pop legend knows a thing or two about child prodigies. Jay-Z and Beyonce have allegedly started having their first child Blue Ivy tested for signs of genius.


Blue has apparently already been making big moves. Beyonce proudly boasted that little Blue was already reading flash cards, doing simple math problems, and has shown signs of musical aptitude. None of this should come as a big surprise, considering who Blue’s parents are. Not only is she the offspring of music royalty, but her parents can also afford to give her the best of everything, including education.


Beyonce has been shouting the genius of her first-born from the rooftops since her famous Oprah interview in 2013. So it should be no surprise that Jay and Bey relocated to LA just to send their baby girl to the poshest and most prestigious of preschools.

The $19,000 a year school is the educational home-away-from-home for the children of many Hollywood elite. Apparently Blue affords special treatment that none of the other children are used to; an entire motorcade drops her off and picks her up every day.


The school provides testing for signs of genius and they may be proving Beyonce’s pride in her daughter 100% justified. Apparently Blue is already excelling at music, just like her famous parents.


A source close to the family says Blue is already “showing an understanding of octaves and major/minor keys.” Often, children who show early musical aptitude also have an affinity for math, which also seems to be the case with Blue Ivy.

The source continued. “It was always a possibility as a lot of kids with innate musical talent are good at math too” and that Blue may be “showing very early signs of being a mathematic genius.”


Just last month it was reported that Blue “was able to add up 1+1 and 1+2. It’s incredible for a child her age,” the source explained. The world better watch out, future President Blue is on her way.  Jay-Z and Beyonce have always been relatively hush-hush about their personal lives, but the beaming and proud parents can’t seem to shut-up about Blue’s intellect and bright future. Beyonce has maintained that Blue Ivy is far more talented that she or HOV would ever be since the child was born.


With Queen B constantly topping herself creatively, Jay-Z always on that hustle, their marriage seeming more solid than ever, and Bey set to deliver her twins this summer, it didn’t seem like things could get any better for the Knowles-Carters. Now the famous family has a baby genius on their hands. We can’t wait to see who Blue Ivy grows up to be.

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